Top 2015 Interior Design Trends

2015 is ushering in a lot of classic designs back onto the scene. Pantone has named 'Marsala' the color of the year for 2015, and this influences everything from fashion to interior decor. The warm rustic wine red is very complimentary to many of this years biggest design trends.

In no particular order, these are just a few of the top trends for 2015!

1. Gold Accents

Yes, gold is back, and I am in love with this trend. I probably have more gold spray paint than anyone should be allowed to have. Gold is showing up everywhere; everything from light fixtures and faucets, to pillows and artwork and furniture. To keep the gold feeling current and not gaudy (I'm looking at you Donald Trump), use it as an accent in your space to add just the right amount of warm sparkle to your home.


2. Succulents

It just doesn't get any more charming than these little plants. I am obsessed with them. While plants are never 'out of trend' for interior design, these little plants add so much life to a space. The other big seller? They are super easy to care for. There are tons of different types and variety and they are inexpensive! Doesn't get much better than that!

3. Blue Accent Colors

Yes, Marsala is the color of the year (according to Pantone), but blue, specifically Navy, is coming back strong. This rich classic color is just lovely with the gold accents that are back on the scene, but still timeless enough that you wont be repainting or redecorating next spring.

4. Rustic Glam Decor

This trend has been on the scene for a few years now, but it is still going strong in 2015. Blending rustic with elegant adds the perfect combination of sophistication and comfort. Blend weathered wood and metal with cozy fabrics and elegant, classic accents , and you have the right recipe for making a space feel inviting and beautiful.

5. Animal Motif

Okay, all you doubters, just take a breath. We aren't talking about cheetah and zebra print {everything} or the latest collection of taxidermy.

What we are talking about is this classic design element making a huge comeback in some really fresh and fun ways. This is one of my favorite elements to add to any space. Whether it be a cowhide rug or bench, a sheep skin throw, printed accent pillows, an equestrian wall mural, or birdcage style light fixture, it all adds a fun and inviting vibe into your home. Get on board!

6. Solid Geometric Patterns

While chevron is now taking a bit of a breather from decor scene, lots of other geometric patterns are still going strong. Trellis, chain link, triangles, cross print, diamonds and herringbone are just some of the prints that are showing up everywhere. Whether in drapery, wallpaper, flooring, lighting or decor, clean patterns like these will add visual interest to a space that may otherwise be lacking that 'fun' factor.

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